As of yesterday (Monday March 16), Morton Hospital and Norwood Hospital have both opened Coronavirus Testing Centers.


Good Samaritan Medical Center Outpatient DriveThru Testing Center:
You must speak with one of us about testing, and we will send an order to the testing center. You will then call the center at 508-427-3107 to register and give consent for the testing. They will give you a time to come to the center and would have you stay in your car to do a “curb side” swab.

Morton Hospital:  M-F 9-5 at the OLD Emergency Entrance
You must speak with one of us about testing, and we will send an order to the hospital if you are appropriate for testing at this time. If you are evaluated and deemed to be too sick to be tested as an outpatient, they may ask you to be seen in the emergency department.

Norwood Hospital: Noon – 8 PM at the Emergency Department
You can go to the Hospital without a test order, but they will not test you if you do not meet criteria, so always best to speak with us first. If it is appropriate to go, you will call 781-278-4499 to pre-register before driving over there. When you arrive at the parking lot, you will STAY IN YOUR CAR and call 781-769-4000, ext 12150 and let them know you are there. They will direct you to either the emergency department or the tent set up in the parking lot and will let you know when to come in.

We are being told that the turn around time at this point is 4-5 days and that they will call you directly with the test results. Please understand that if your situation is suspicious enough to warrant testing, then you MUST quarantine yourself and your direct family/household contacts at least until you get your results, and longer if you test positive.