Dr. David’s Top 10 Things You Can Do Today to Help

    1. GO HOME. Stay home from work if you can, stay away, stay safe. Enough said on this.
    2. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ECONOMY. Order takeout / delivery from local restaurants that need your support. Consider carefully wiping down all bags/ packages and containers, and make sure your safely transfer food to clean plates before eating. Yes, it takes more time, but safety first.
    3. GO FOR A HIKE. Stay as active as possible during this time. Go for long walks in the woods, ride your bike, sleep more, smoke and drink less. If you are exposed or sickened by COVID-19, your overall pre-exposure health may greatly impact your chances of a good outcome.
    4. GIVE YOUR GEAR. Donate any N95 masks you have in your basement, garage, shop, or shed (check – I bet you have a few, still in the clamshell plastic from Home Depot!)
      1. Please understand that there is a critical shortage of PPE (personal protective equipment) at most hospitals in Massachusetts right now. You don’t need them, the hospital workforce does.
      2. We have already donated much of our supply of masks, Coronavirus Test kits, and even Flu Kits to our local hospitals to help support our colleagues. Please reach out to us via email at info@InfinityFamilyCare.com and we can help make sure your needed supplies get to the right place.
    5. USE SOAP INSTEAD OF SANITIZER AT HOME AND WHENEVER POSSIBLE. Donate any “extra” hand sanitizer you might be unknowingly hoarding (see above).
    6. GIVE OF YOURSELF. Give blood, plasma or platelets – the American Red Cross is estimating they will lose thousands of donations due to the Pandemic. I donated blood this week and will be giving platelets on Sunday. Be patient – it took me 3 calls and a cumulative 45 minutes on hold to get through to schedule.
    7. OPEN YOUR WALLET and donate to a meaningful cause:
      1. The American Red Cross has a well-established system to collect donations online: https://www.redcross.org/
      2. A local member of the community with whom we’ve worked for years is looking for donations to help bring in and donate thousands of N95 masks from a reputable manufacturer in China. Please reach out to us directly and we can make the connection if you are able to help.
      3. For those of you who are financially able to think bigger, please consider making a sizable contribution to help support Dr Peter Hotez’s work at Baylor on a Coronavirus vaccine. The work, stalled due to a lack of funding since 2016, requires an infusion of approximately $2M to go to clinical trials. Dr Hotez is a family friend and an incredible human being. He is also passionate about making sure this never happens again. I would be honored to make a personal introduction to anyone interested in learning how a contribution could potentially change the course of this pandemic and those that WILL come after. To learn more about Peter’s work, see https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-care/scientists-were-close-coronavirus-vaccine-years-ago-then-money-dried-n1150091. To hear Peter’s discussion with Dr Peter Attia about the Pandemic and the vaccine work he’s doing at Baylor, see: https://peterattiamd.com/peterhotez/
      1. Mass DPH: Consider signing up for COVID-19 alerts by texting COVIDMA to 888-777.
      2. U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (www.CDC.gov)
      3. There is so much noise out there from all sides. Please consider the potential bias of your sources when receiving information. Please consider reading this first hand account and opinion piece by Dr. Joshua Weiner, a Transplant surgeon in New York (also a friend and family member related through marriage) at https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/26/opinion/coronavirus-doctors-hoarding.html?
    9. KNOW that Christine, Dr Cohen and I truly appreciate all the support, patience, and understanding we have received from everyone. We are fortunate to have the type of direct primary care practice that (by design) functions well in situations such as the current pandemic, and we are grateful to all of you, our patients, who support us. While many primary care practices are struggling to adjust to the new reality of reduced visits, we are opening our panels to new members. We welcome individuals as well as employee groups to join the practice for as long as they need to get the care they can’t access elsewhere. It is critically important that we maintain a strong base of primary care, so that our already overwhelmed hospitals do not become the only place to get routine care. The pre-existing dysfunctional medical system is part of the problem, but Direct Primary Care is part of the solution. SPREAD THE WORD: Please share this on your social media, and let those who need care know that we are available for one-time telehealth virtual visits: https://www.infinityfamilycare.com/infinity-family-care-spring-2020-telehealth-access-program/ as well as long-term primary care relationships.
    10. GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD AND BE PRESENT and available for those around you.
      1. Enjoy this unexpected time with your family.
      2. Appreciate the simple beauty around you, such as the first crocus I saw in my yard yesterday.
      3. Reconnect by phone or FaceTime with loved ones around the corner or around the world.
      4. Read, write poetry, paint or draw, or play an instrument and enjoy the time you didn’t have 2 weeks ago to do something you’ve always wanted to try.
      5. Meditate daily on the things and people in your life that bring you joy and for which you are thankful. Share those thoughts with those around you. Today.
      6. Share these thoughts with those around you. Please do it today.